EdTech Roundup 3-5-12: BYOD, Volcanos, and Music Videos

Posted by Nancy on Mon, Mar 05 2012

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Cell Phones In the Classroom

What can you do with cell phones in the classroom of younger students? Plenty Shelly Sanchez Terrell writes about 10+ Ways To Use Cell Phones With Young Learners on her Teacher Reboot Camp Blog. Some innovative things include scavenger hunts, field observations, and show and tell.

Virtual Volcanos

Recently mentioned by Richard Byrne in his Free Technology For Teachers Blog, The Discovery Channel's Volcano Explorer allows students to create a simple simulation of an active volcano eruption. By adjusting the magma and gas content, students can see how those adjustments can affect the eruption. Check out Richard's post here, and the Volcano Explorer here.

History For Music Lovers

Can Lady Gaga help you learn about the French Revolution? She can if her song has new lyrics and a fetching music video. Check out the 53 (and counting) music videos from The History Teachers on You Tube. With impressive production quality, students will want to watch and learn over and over!

Apps Of the Week: MOMA and Louvre

Both apps are free, and both apps are spectacular resources for those museums. The Museum of Modern Art app alone allows you access to tens of thousands of the museum's pieces. The Louvre app includes all of the museum's masterpieces, plus informational texts, and and HD version for the iPad. Quite the bargain if you can't get to those places in person!

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